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Protect Your Vacation Rental

Reduce the Risk of Plumbing Damage by Up to 75% with Bodifresh

Signs are not enough! Offer Your Guests a Luxurious, Eco-Friendly Bathroom Experience Without Compromising Your Plumbing

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The Ultimate Safeguard Against Guests Flushing Wipes

  • Easily improves hygiene
  • No more worry about flushable wipes
  • Skip the hassle of a bidet setup
  • Improve the luxury of your bathroom
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Plumbing Protection

Significantly lower the chance of costly plumbing issues because guests will no longer flush wipes

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Guest Satisfaction

Deliver a unique, premium bathroom amenity that elevates the overall stay experience

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Demonstrate environmental stewardship with our biodegradable and sustainable solution

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Reduced Expenses

Minimize the need for plumbing repairs and maintenance, ensuring more of your income goes into your pocket.


Effortless Installation

Incorporate Bodifresh into any bathroom setup smoothly, without the needfor professional help.

Convenient Maintenance

Features like being refillable, rechargeable batteries,mean theabsolute lowest maintenance effort and cost

Lifetime Customer Support

Enjoy ongoing support and peace of mind with our dedicatedservice team.


Aesthetically appealing

The compact design fits most decor and adds a luxurious feel

What Our Customers Reviews?

"Incorporating Bodifresh into our properties has not only saved us on plumbing costs but also consistently impresses our guests. It’s a win-win!" - 

- Vacation Rental Owner -

"Our guests appreciate the thoughtful addition of Bodifresh in the bathrooms. It’s comments likethese that have led to repeat bookings and stellar reviews."

- Property Manager -

Transform Your Property’s Bathroom Experience

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Vacation rentals using Bodifresh are 75% less likely to experience costly plumbing repairs caused by flushed wipes.  Don't just tell your guest not to flush wipes, offer them a more sustainable option today.

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About us

"Bodifresh started with a simple idea: to provide a plumbing-safe, hygienic solution for personal care.

After garnering over 4,000 positive reviews and an average rating of 4.5 from individual consumers, we realized the impact we could have on vacation rentals.

Our customers have successfully reduced the risk of plumbing damage while enhancing personal hygiene, and now we're bringing this proven solution to you.

Let Bodifresh protect your investment and impress your guests

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