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Bodifresh Helps Property Management Prevent Problems Before They Happen

Bodifresh Helps Property Management Prevent Problems Before They Happen
As a property management company, the last thing you want to deal with is plumbing problems caused by the improper disposal of flushable wipes. Fortunately, there is a solution that can help prevent these problems before they happen: Bodifresh toilet paper foam automatic dispenser.

Bodifresh has an exclusive program that makes it more affordable for residents to make the switch from flushable wipes to this safe and effective alternative. Not only is Bodifresh better for the plumbing system, but it also provides a better bathroom experience for residents.

The Bodifresh automatic wall mount dispenser is designed with apartment living in mind. Its compact size, fast and easy adhesive mount, and sleek design that matches most decor, make it an ideal solution for apartment complexes. The touch-free dispenser is also simple to use, providing just the right amount of foam for a fresh and clean feeling.

Encouraging residents to use Bodifresh can significantly reduce the risk of plumbing damage caused by flushable wipes. This not only saves property management companies time and money in repairs, but also helps maintain the quality of life for residents.
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