How It All Began

Sonia Gayle

She wanted to create a product that was cost effective, convenient, family oriented, and safe for both consumers and the environment. The result was a three-year journey of extensive research, development, and the creation of the ideal product. Bodifresh Toilet Paper Foam

About Sonia gayle:

● Accolades - 2009 received the best packaging design award
● Time in business - over 11 years
● Morals - good hygiene doesn’t have to come at compromise to the environment or your wallet
● Who she supports - children's miracle network, dance marathon
● Registered Nurse of 26 years, recipient of the prestigious 2009 and 2015 Department Nurse of the Year Award from Bethesda Memorial Hospital

Bodifresh, Inc., was inspired and created by Sonia Gayle, a mom who believes that the practice
of good hygiene should never be compromised.

The Problem

When wet wipes were introduced years ago, they seemed to be an ideal personal hygiene and baby-care product. Economical, easy to use, and…flushable. Well, not exactly, as city sanitation engineers are now reporting. The problem is that although some are, indeed, “flushable,” they’re not biodegradable. That’s a big difference—and a growing problem. Since they’re made of polyester and other synthetic fibers, the wipes simply don’t break down and dissolve in a sewer system. Instead, they build up in treatment plants, clogging filtering screens, pipes, and pumps that now require expensive cleaning and even replacement

● Wet wipes aren’t really flushable
● They are costly, bulky,
● Can Can be made from harsh chemicals and preservatives

The Solution

Use Bodifresh, the sustainable alternative to wet wipes. Simply apply Bodifresh to 3-5 sheets of toilet paper and experience a hygienic clean you deserve without the worry of wet wipes clogging the toilet, septic systems, or building up in our oceans.

● Bodifresh is the first cleansing foam designed for use on regular bathroom tissue—it's fully biodegradable and unlike wet wipes won't clog pipes, sewage or wastewater treatment facilities;
● Bodifresh moisturizing formula provides thorough, non-irritating personal cleansing, even for a baby’s sensitive, delicate skin;
● Dermatologist-recommended for the whole family—even diapering newborn infants;
● Bodifresh is designed to foam, rather than wet the toilet paper so it won't tear.

Why Foam ?

Bodifresh is a persoanl cleansing foam made from naturally derived ingredients.

When combined correctly, Creates a foam that is formated to gently remove organic matter that dry toilet paper leaves behind.

All without tearing the toilet paper, Leaving you clean and fresh.

Our Ingredients

Vegetable Glycein

A great natural cleanser and mild enough for it to be used on babies and sensitive skin.

Vitamin E

Moisturizes and improves the texture of the skin.

Aloe Vera

Aloe is soothing and can reduce skin inflammation

Decyl Glucose

Maintains skin balance without dryness.

Potassium Sorbate

Plant derived, a very mild preservative.

Tea Tree Essentail Oil

Renowned for its cleansing and rejuvenating effects on the skin.