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How It All Began

Sonia Gayle

I vividly remember the day it all began - a simple incident that would change our lives and lead to the creation of Bodifresh Toilet Paper Foam.

As a registered nurse, I, Sonia Gayle, have always understood the significance of personal hygiene. My husband, Peter, and I were committed to raising our family in a clean and comfortable environment. Little did we know that a seemingly small mishap in our home would ignite our passion for innovation.

It started when our younger son accidentally flushed wet wipes down the toilet, leading to a plumbing disaster that resulted in an exorbitant bill. The frustration and financial strain that followed this incident were a turning point for us. We knew there had to be a better way to ensure thorough cleanliness and comfort without compromising our plumbing and our budget.

Driven by a shared determination, we embarked on a journey to bridge the gap between traditional wet wipes and a more practical, eco-friendly solution. Combining my medical background with Peter's entrepreneurial spirit, we set out to develop a product that would not only cleanse effectively but also dissolve easily and be environmentally conscious.

The result was Bodifresh Toilet Paper Foam - a revolutionary blend of familiar toilet paper and the refreshing cleanse of foam. We had created a product that we believed in, a solution that would make a difference in the lives of individuals and families, just like ours.

Bodifresh is a testament to our commitment to personal well-being, sustainability, and innovation. We are proud to offer a hygienic alternative that combines convenience and eco-friendliness. Our journey began with a plumbing bill but evolved into a mission to enhance personal hygiene and promote environmental responsibility.



The Problem

When wet wipes were introduced years ago, they seemed to be an ideal personal hygiene and baby-care product. Economical, easy to use, and…flushable. Well, not exactly, as city sanitation engineers are now reporting. The problem is that although some are, indeed, “flushable,” they’re not biodegradable. That’s a big difference—and a growing problem. Since they’re made of polyester and other synthetic fibers, the wipes simply don’t break down and dissolve in a sewer system. Instead, they build up in treatment plants, clogging filtering screens, pipes, and pumps that now require expensive cleaning and even replacement

● Wet wipes aren’t really flushable
● They are costly, bulky,
● Can be made from harsh chemicals and preservatives

The Solution

Use Bodifresh, the sustainable alternative to wet wipes. Simply apply Bodifresh to 3-5 sheets of toilet paper and experience a hygienic clean you deserve without the worry of wet wipes clogging the toilet, septic systems, or building up in our oceans.
● Bodifresh is the first cleansing foam designed for use on regular bathroom tissue—it's fully biodegradable and unlike wet wipes won't clog pipes, sewage or wastewater treatment facilities;
● Bodifresh moisturizing formula provides thorough, non-irritating personal cleansing, even for a baby’s sensitive, delicate skin;
● Dermatologist-recommended for the whole family—even diapering newborn infants;
● Bodifresh is designed to foam, rather than wet the toilet paper so it won't tear.

Why Foam?

Our foam is the product of rigorous R&D, expertly crafted to maintain integrity atop toilet paper. Utilizing a sophisticated blend of surfactants and moisturizers, our formula achieves a delicate balance - it provides superior cleaning and a moisturizing effect without compromising the paper's structure. Upon application, the foam performs an effective cleanse, then breaks down seamlessly, dissolving without a trace. This leaves the skin residue-free, nourished, and hydrated, thanks to the meticulously engineered pH balance and emollient properties.

Our Ingredients

Vegetable Glycerin

A great natural cleanser and mild enough for it to be used on babies and sensitive skin.

Vitamin E

Moisturizes and improves the texture of the skin.

Aloe Vera

Aloe is soothing and can reduce skin inflammation.

Decyl Glucose

Maintains skin balance without dryness.

Potassium Sorbate

Plant derived, a very mild preservative.

Tea Tree Essentail Oil

Renowned for its cleansing and rejuvenating effects on the skin.