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Get Clean Without The Risk Of Wipes

Make Your Toilet Paper Clean Better With Bodifresh Foam

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No Confusion

People who switch from wet wipes save $762 in plumbing & septic repairs annually

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No Irritation

Designed for sensitive skin, the extra cleansing keeps you feeling fresh


Earth Friendly

A little foam goes a long way, replacing hundreds of wet wipes per bottle

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More Convenient

The fastest and simplest way to improve hygiene at home or on the go

Clean Without Guilt Or Fuss

The Convenient Choice To Wipes, Without The Hassle Of A Bidet.

How It Works

The Magical Foam Sits On Top Of The Toilet Paper, Then disolves away once it touches your skin

Leaving you thoroughly clean and feeling fresh!

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Remove desired amount of toilet paper


Dispenser applies the foam

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Wipe, flush and done!

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Redefining Cleanliness

Simple, Sustainable, and Sensibly Priced.

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"Replace The Wipes On Your Toilet Bowl ASAP"

— Stacie L.
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"Life changing! Wish I would have purchased sooner!"

— Briana H.

"I have been using Bodifresh for a few months now and my entire family enjoys using it."

— Marissa L.

"This product is a MUST for every household, especially families with children"

— Christiana M.

Say Goodbye To Wipes Forever

Just one refill replaces over 650 flushable wipes.

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Never Worry About Being Clean Again

Removes the micro residue dry toilet paper alone leaves behind

Not Cold To The Skin

Instantly matches your skin's temperature -unlike the shocking cold spray of a bidet

No Tools, Measurements Or Screws!

Bodifresh mounts in seconds with the included adhesive.

At Home Dispenser

Improves your cleaning experience seamlessly with the least amount of effort from you.

  • No hassle install
  • Effortless maintenance
  • Touch-less use
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On-The-Go Bottle

Make life on the go easier and more hygienic!

  • TSA approved ✈️
  • Small and discreet
  • Over 100 uses per bottle

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Our Promise To You

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Made in the USA

And will continue to be manufactured on home soil. Never to move over seas.

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90 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

You are eligible for a full return within 90 days of delivery. NO "if" "ands" or "butts".


Not Tested On Animals

We will never test any of our products on animals, nor will we source products from manufacturers that do.

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