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No Confusion

"Flushable" wipe users avoid $1,000's in plumbing & septic damage

natural toilet foam

No Irritation

Made with six plant based ingredients and designed for sensitive skin

portable bodifresh toilet paper foam


Handheld small and discreet bottle

bodifresh how to apply step 3

More Convenient

Use as much or as little toilet paper as you'd like

Customer Reviews

Based on 72 reviews
Stacie Limongelli
I am obsessed with this foam.

I am obsessed with this foam. It keeps me feeling so fresh all day long. I don’t know how I survived without it all these years. Before using this product I would get irritation down there, and when I would wipe it would burn. I was tested for UTI and Yeast Infection, but those test came back Negative. I thought possibly it was because of my fabric softener. After using this foam, and that went away completely, I can only assume my urine was too strong and without the proper cleaning every time I used the restroom, I would get sore. Whatever the reason, this foam has taken that issue away. I am thrilled that now I can wipe and not be in pain.


Bodifresh is truly a great product to use. It doesn't give me a rash like many others do. I have very sensitive skin and am very limited to products I can tolerate. I like the the small bottles since they are easy to carry in my purse in case I need it. The large dispenser is fantastic, easy to fill, use, and I simply love having it available. I'm thankful to Bodifresh for providing these products to those of us who aren't tolerant of other products.

Bobbie McCormick

Enough said.

Great alternative

I like it, doesn’t irritate the skin. Great alternative to wipes. Only issue- can’t pump too much on toilet paper or will tear.

Could Use More Texture - Merely Foam

It's OK. However, it's just foam. I would love it if it was more like Heinie Care's discontinued brand.

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How To Use

bodifresh how to apply


Remove desired amount of toilet paper

bodifresh how to apply Step two


Apply one to three pumps of foam directly to the toilet paper

bodifresh how to apply step 3


Wipe, flush and done!

More Uses Than You Can Count

This compact bottle surpasses the traditional 42-pack of wet wipes, providing an impressive 120 uses per bottle.

The Truth About "Flushable"

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made in usa toilet foam

Made In The USA

And will continue to be manufactured on home soil. Never to move over seas.

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