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Bodifresh - Nose blindness and why YOU need to update your bathroom hygiene

Bodifresh - Nose blindness and why YOU need to update your bathroom hygiene

More people than ever have started to pay more attention to their hygiene practices as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. Many people realized that their lack of hand washing was putting them at risk of bacterial spread. But when it comes to your personal hygiene routine, it should go beyond hand washing and surface sanitizing.

Bodifresh is an innovative solution to transform your bathroom hygiene habits. In this article we’re going to explain the importance of properly cleaning yourself after visiting the bathroom to ensure you are not transmitting bacteria or walking around with a foul odor. 

Nose blindness: You can’t smell yourself!

Think of the last time you visited a friend’s house. As you entered, the smell of their two golden retrievers hit you, or the smell of clean laundry, or perhaps the residue of last night’s cooking. Either way, when you are newly exposed to an environment, you pick up on the smell. But when it comes to your own environment - or body - you are unable to detect a clear smell. This is known as nose blindness, or olfactory fatigue.

Here’s the issue: you may not even recognize that you have a certain odor, so imagine if it’s unpleasant!

How to counteract nose blindness

To counteract nose blindness, you need to ensure you have a top-notch hygiene routine. That entails deodorant, regular showers, washing your clothes - all the obvious habits! However, the lesser discussed, but profoundly important hygiene habit, is how you clean yourself after using the bathroom.

According to an interview with a doctor released in 2017, toilet paper alone “does little to remove feces”. In Europe, it is common practice to use a bidet after laxation, as discussed in this article by Mental Floss. In fact, 90 percent of households in Italy, Spain and Greece have a bidet installed in each bathroom!

The water helps to remove all traces of feces and the vast amount of bacteria it contains, whereas dry toilet paper causes irritation and leaves residue. If the area is not properly cleaned, the bacteria will remain and likely spread which can put your health at risk. 

Moreover, a foul smell will also remain, which will persist until you effectively cleanse the area - and due to nose blindness, you may not even notice it!

Introducing: Bodifresh

Here at Bodifresh we have created a first-of-its-kind hygiene product to cleanse your body after using the bathroom to avoid the bacterial spread and eradicate any unpleasant odor.

Dry toilet paper alone will not remove every residue from your skin, even if you are unable to see it - it is still there! By applying Bodifresh all natural toilet paper foam to your dry toilet paper, you are creating an environmentally friendly, flushable wet wipe that is extremely effective at cleansing the skin without causing irritation. 

It’s time to update your personal hygiene routine, starting with what you do in the bathroom! 

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