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There is Plastic in Wet Wipes

There is Plastic in Wet Wipes

Yes - you heard that right. There is plastic in wet wipes. In fact, most brands are actually almost entirely plastic! But the truth is that wet wipes are a disaster for many reasons. Aside from the plastic, they are clogging up our sewers (making up 93% of the matter contained in fatbergs) and exposing us (and our children) to unnecessary chemicals. So what are the alternatives?


Bodifresh has developed a toilet paper foam cleanser.  Simply tear the desired amount of toilet paper, apply 1-2 pumps of Bodifresh foam to toilet paper, use as normal to remove the smelly bacteria residue dry toilet paper alone leaves behind, and provide a completely flushable alternative to wet wipes with all-natural ingredients and multiple scents to choose from.



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