“Flushable Wipes” not such a good idea- Bodifresh® -An eco- friendly Solution

Posted by Peter Gayle on

When wet wipes were introduced years ago, they seemed to be an ideal personal hygiene and baby-care product. Economical, easy to use, and…flushable.

Well, not exactly, as city sanitation engineers are now reporting.

The problem is that although some are, indeed, “flushable,” they’re not biodegradable. That’s a big difference—and as several news sources are reporting, a growing problem.

Since they’re made of polyester and other synthetic fibres, the wipes simply don’t break down and dissolve in a sewer system. Instead, they build up in treatment plants, clogging filtering screens, pipes, and pumps that are now costing some municipalities millions of dollars to repair and replace equipment throughout the US.

One company has now developed a product that’s even easier to use, completely flushable and eliminates the danger to sewage, septic systems and water treatment plants.

Bodifresh, Inc., of Wellington, Florida, offers a soothing, dermatologist-approved personal cleansing foam that’s applied directly from a small, 1.7-ounce pump bottle (good for 120 individual uses) to your regular toilet tissue, it’s literally making your own wet wipe. As Peter A. Gayle, president of Bodifresh, points out, “it’s even gentle enough to use when changing a baby’s diaper—it won’t irritate an infant’s delicate skin. And the pump-bottle itself is recyclable.”

Bodifresh Toilet Tissue Moisturizer® is more effective than dry toilet tissue and more comfortable and convenient to use than wet wipes. Plus, it’s completely biodegradable.