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Pubescent teen? The ESSENTIAL hygiene practices you need to avoid smelling

Pubescent teen?

Let’s be real for a second. Everybody poops. Time to time, everybody smells. Especially when you’re going through puberty.

Unfortunately, puberty is the time you want to smell the freshest ever, because you’re moving into the world of flirting, dating, and socializing. So it’s safe to say, you want to look and feel the best.

For parents of adolescents, you’re less involved in your kid’s hygiene practices. They’re growing up. But ensuring that your child is still taking care of themselves is still just as much a concern, with the added stress of trying to not get involved!

That’s why it’s essential to have the right products stocked in the house, for your child to practice the right hygiene, instilling healthy habits that will continue throughout their teen and adult life.

During puberty, teenagers are more likely to smell bad due to the increase in hormones which affects your skin glands. Sweat glands produce chemicals, known as your body odor, which unfortunately - often smells. Even prepubescent teens struggle with the smelly stench!

While as adults it can be discussed light-heartedly, for teenagers, smelling bad can be a source of embarrassment, social isolation, or humiliation. So step up for your children, and make sure they are aware of the right hygiene practices to do.

Practicing proper hygiene with Bodifresh

Bodifresh has created an all-natural, chemical-free cleansing foam to use on dry toilet paper to ensure that all residue has been cleaned away after using the bathroom.

The reality is: dry toilet paper alone does not do the job properly, leaving smelly residue, which can linger throughout the day. Not only is this unsanitary and potentially harmful, it’s a habit that persists throughout life if not addressed early on.

As parents, you want your child to be as healthy and happy as possible, so if you’re not helping them implement critical hygiene practices at an early age, you are doing a disservice. 

During puberty, your teen will have to start wearing daily deodorant, taking daily showers, and washing their face - all commonly acknowledged hygiene practices. So don’t forget about the lesser discussed, but equally important hygiene habits like proper cleansing after using the bathroom.

Bodifresh is the environmentally-friendly and most effective way to clean yourself after using the bathroom. That’s why we have thousands of happy customers. Make the move to Bodifresh today, and bring your kids with you.

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