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Easy As

bodifresh how to apply


Remove desired amount of toilet paper


Dispenser applies the foam

bodifresh how to apply step 3


Wipe, flush and done!

Seamless Integration

Mounts in seconds, Touchless Use and No cartridges or batteries to replace

Universal Compatibility

Adhesive is non damaging, small and touchless design makes it suitable for a wide range of bathroom types.

Easy Maintenance

Dispenser has a rechargeable 4+ month battery life, refills in seconds, and the foam has a two year shelf life

Truly Fresh Feeling Of Clean

Rest assured, with Bodifresh by your side, you're going that extra mile for top-notch personal hygiene. Feel fresh, feel confident, and embrace the day with a smile!

Toilet Paper

No More Wipes Down the Pipes

Less hassle, more convenient, better for the environment

Our Promise To You

made in usa toilet foam

Made In The USA

And will continue to be manufactured on home soil. Never to move over seas.

money back guarantee

90 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

You are eligible for a full return within 90 days of delivery. NO "if" "ands" or "butts". Simply message us in the chat bubble.


Not Tested On Animals

We will never test any of our products on animals, nor will we source products from manufacturers that do.

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