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Bodifresh Automatic Dispenser Starter Kit

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Introducing the Bodifresh automatic dispenser - the perfect addition to any bathroom!

  • Easily mounts on any wall
  • Refillable design means no need for cartridges
  • 4-6 month battery life and rechargeable, so no need to constantly replace batteries
  • No touch use for improved hygiene and durability
  • educing the risk of clogs

The Bodifresh dispenser is a game-changer for bathroom hygiene.  Toilet paper foam automatic dispenser mounts next to the toilet paper and applies a plant based cleansing foam to the toilet paper right before use. lifting away residue that dry toilet paper leaves behind, leaving you fresh and confidently clean. No need for wipes or a bidet!

What is Included:

  1. Automatic dispenser
  2. One Refill

Bodifresh Automatic Dispenser Starter Kit

Bodifresh Automatic Dispenser Starter Kit


Easy As

bodifresh how to apply


Remove desired amount of toilet paper


Dispenser applies the foam

bodifresh how to apply step 3


Wipe, flush and done!


Completely Flushable

Unlike flushable wipes, it won't clog pipes or sewage systems, helping to reduce waste and protect the environment.

natural toilet foam

Plant Based

pH Balanced and made with only six plant based ingredients. Bodifresh is designed for even the most sensitve of skin


Earth Friendly

Bodifresh toilet paper foam eliminates the need for single use wet wipes, which can end up in landfills and oceans.

Fresh And Confident Clean Everytime

Foam adds an extra layer of cleanliness to the usual toilet paper routine. Allowing you to feel fresh and confident knowing that you had taken the extra step to ensure your personal hygiene was top-notch.

Toilet Paper

No More Wipes Down the Pipes

Never worry about the costly sewer clogging wet wipe.

Use Bodifresh with your toilet paper instead.

Less hassle, more convenient, better for the environment

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