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The Kids Confidence Guide to Independent Bathroom Breaks

The Kids Confidence Guide to Independent Bathroom Breaks

Supporting your kids on their journeys to independence is always a proud moment for parents. Learning to navigate the world on their own can be terrifying for your tiny tots, but their bathroom breaks don’t have to be. Equip your kids with the tools they need to clean themselves in a confident way that’s free from the embarrassment and shame that can accompany messy toilet breaks, when you give them the Bodifresh cleansing foam.

They may struggle with cleaning themselves properly, but that’s not entirely their fault. Classic toilet paper is designed to wipe, rather than clean, and that’s where Bodifresh comes in. Just apply a couple of pumps onto any brand of toilet paper, and your child can wipe in confidence, knowing that they’ve properly cleaned themselves. Instead of checking your child’s underwear to ‘make sure’ after a bathroom break, teach them the trick to doing it independently!

Asking “when should kids be potty trained” is not as important as asking how they clean themselves. Set them up with the life skills of good hygiene and cleanliness while making your own life easier with the Bodifresh toilet paper foam, which cleanses and freshens with all-natural ingredients. Suitable for all types of skin and filled with plant extracts, vitamin E, and aloe vera, Bodifresh can be used not just by your kids but by the whole family.

Kids' toilet paper is insufficient in the cleaning and cleansing process, so don’t let them struggle with ineffective methods that can leave them feeling dirty and unclean.  Using Bodifresh, means less assistance from you, means greater confidence for your child and will boost them on their journey to independence, showing them that they can do it alone. After making the switch to proper cleanliness for you and your family, you will never look back.
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