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Common "Cents" of Bodifresh, and Why You Need to Make The Switch Today!

Common "Cents" of Bodifresh, and Why You Need to Make The Switch Today!

Everyone wants a fresh and hygienic bathroom break experience, and wet wipes seemed like the perfect solution. Many of us are unaware of the damages that flushing wet wipes can cause because: are they really so different from tissues? Are wet wipes bad for the environment? The answer is yes. The vast majority contain microplastic fibers which do not biodegrade, polluting our planet. If only there were a way to get that ultra-fresh feeling without doing any harm to our planet…

Meet Bodifresh – the foam cleaner that transforms any toilet paper into a wet wipe that truly is flushable. We’ve all seen labels declaring ‘flushable wet wipes,’ but the truth is, they are still wreaking havoc in our sewer systems. Unlike tissue paper, these ‘flushable’ wipes take much longer to disintegrate and can already have caused flooding or blockages by the time they finally break down. 

Plus, you’ll save money when you switch to the Bodifresh cleansing foam, as it costs just half the price when compared to a similar-sized box of wet wipes. Discrete and portable, the small size of the bottles means you’ll never be caught unawares in an embarrassing bathroom disaster. Rather than constantly carrying a bulky and noticeable pack of wipes, you can spruce up your bathroom breaks in a subtle way that will smell divine too.

With no rinse required after use, your cleaning process will be smooth and simple. Made with 100% all-natural ingredients, this moisturizing cleanser is ideal for use by the whole family. pH balanced and alcohol-free, this handy foam cleanser will not damage the environment around you and will self-dissolve, protecting your septic systems and plumbing pipes. Featuring plant extracts, vitamin E, and aloe vera Bodifresh will care for even the most sensitive skin.

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