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Building The Ideal Habit – How to Teach Your Kids Bathroom Cleanliness

Building The Ideal Habit – How to Teach Your Kids Bathroom Cleanliness

Imagine being able to trust that your young child knows how to take care of themselves in the restroom. For many, this is just a fantasy. The cleanliness of your kid is a big worry for every parent, as the little ones learn to find their way around the bathrooms alone. Starting them off at different ages and with a hint of competition in the air, choosing when to train your kids can be tricky for parents. But, when should kids be potty trained?

We believe that they can start earlier than most would believe with the help of Bodifresh. Using the Bodifresh cleansing foam could totally transform how your kids clean themselves, as it will equip them with the tools to do a great job themselves! Encourage them to clean rather than simply wipe, and the days of finding skid marks in the laundry and smelling foul smells from their underwear will be finally over.

With Bodifresh, all it takes is a pump of foam, and any brand of toilet paper can become a completly flushable wet wipe. Get your little ones into the habit of using a bottle of Bodifresh when they need to use the restroom, and you will thank us later! Teaching your little ones the secret to bathroom cleanliness will not only boost their confidence and independence, but give you the joy of being free from butt-wiping.

Most of the world utilizes the cleanliness offered by using bidets post bathroom break, and it's time we followed suit! Hygiene has never been easier than with Bodifresh, which will instantly create a clean and fresh wipe that’s flushable and biodegradable. And, I bet your kids will appreciate the feeling of being squeaky clean too.

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