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Which is Best? Wet Wipes vs Bodifresh vs Reusable Wipes

Which is Best? Wet Wipes vs Bodifresh vs Reusable Wipes

You may have been using wet wipes for years to freshen up after bathroom breaks or long days, and as more and more of us join the other side and realize that wiping alone is not enough, our options have grown. We need to actually clean ourselves, not just remove the residue poop, but are wet wipes really the way to go? Expensive and bulky, these wipes are not ideal for taking on the go, and cause many problems too.

Environmental impacts are now at the forefront of most of our minds as we strive to minimize our carbon footprints and stop support of single-use plastics. But doesn’t using wet wipes go against this? Many will flush them down, and when out of sight, the impact is out of our minds. We don’t want to spend more time than necessary thinking about our embarrassing bathroom cleaning, but the environmental impacts, like pipe blockages and ocean pollution, can’t be ignored.

The bold and the brave among us have switched to the reusable wipe. Not for the fainthearted, as getting up close and personal with your dirty clothes is more than just a little bit gross. But, at least they have tackled the waste and pollution problems that are supported by using wet wipes alone. However, we know that there is a middle ground between the two, and that’s how we came up with Bodifresh.

Transform any tissue into a wet wipe that will completely disintegrate and pose no threat to the environment at all! The Bodifresh cleansing foam harnesses all-natural ingredients to turn any brand of toilet paper into a wipe for your toilet breaks. Small and discreet, our 50ml portable bottles will deliver over 120 uses, so are economically superior too! Choose from our selection of gorgeous scents, and turn your bathroom breaks into moments of sweet-smelling luxury.

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