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The Impact Of "Flushable" Wipes

The Impact Of "Flushable" Wipes

We all love that squeaky clean feeling that follows using a wet wipe instead of paper after a bathroom break. Dry wiping to freshen up simply isn’t really enough, and more and more people are now realizing the power of wet wipes. But did you know how damaging it is to flush them?



Blocking Pipes


One innocent wet wipe caught alone in the sewage system may be able to pass through seamlessly. But the truth is that countless others have the same idea. These non-degradable wipes will twist and tangle together and combine with other flushed items, turning into something much more catastrophic.


Oil, grease, and other nasty things get ditched down drain pipes too, and when they come into contact with these wet wipe blocks, creating giant “fatbergs.” These massive blocks can clog our systems from functioning at all, whether formed in the home’s sewage pipe or miles down the road.


Streams of Sewage


When waste can’t pass through safely, and these systems get clogged, guess what happens to the sewage? It gets sent back where it came from, causing horrific floods of toxic excrement to fill our streams, sometimes making its way into our basements and homes.


This isn’t something people consider when they decide to flush wet wipes. It feels harmless, as it is so quickly out of sight and out of mind. As many brands are now labeling their products as “flushable wet wipes” it is understandable why many think it is safe.


The True Cost


Whether or not your personal pipes get blocked from ditching trash down the toilet, there is a price that we all must pay in taxes and cost increases from the water companies that must deal with it.


Charleston, S.C., alone spent a whopping $110,000 on removing wipes in 2020 alone, but the bad news is this huge number is not uncommon. Huge masses as long as 12 feet have been extracted from sewage pipes across the country – the waste is causing immense strain.

U.S municipalities shell out over $1,000,000,000 on maintenance to remove clogs caused by wipes.  This is a cost we as a consumer pay in the form of taxes. 


An Alternative


The good news? There are environmentally friendly options out there that enable you to have that shower-fresh feeling without causing costly damage to our sewers and the environment.


Don't trust the “biodegradable wet wipe” label on products from companies that are now getting sued for their misleading marketing. Bodifresh allows you to transform regular toilet tissue into a cleansing wipe that disintegrates with ease!

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