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A user-friendly, affordable product that really works!

"This is the perfect solution to the "flushable" wipes problem. An easy, environmentally friendly and "refreshing" way to clean one's bum. The foam is also superior to spray liquids, which can make toilet paper too weak to "do the job." I highly recommend it for those who care about their personal hygiene."

— Laura Andrews

Gotta know how to use it

"First off, it’s quite small, but should last you a bit if you use as intended. In my experience / knowledge you should only use this on the last wipe, when most of your poo-poo is already gone from normal wiping. Using this on the first wipe is silly and only makes your poo-poo wet. This is intended to use on the skin, so for those who say it’s gone within a few days, you are clearly using it wrong and not for its actual intent. A bit direct, but hey someone had to say it."

— Chris V

I am obsessed with this foam.

"I am obsessed with this foam. It keeps me feeling so fresh all day long. I don’t know how I survived without it all these years. Before using this product I would get irritation down there, and when I would wipe it would burn. I was tested for UTI and Yeast Infection, but those test came back Negative. I thought possibly it was because of my fabric softener. After using this foam, and that went away completely, I can only assume my urine was too strong and without the proper cleaning every time I used the restroom, I would get sore. Whatever the reason, this foam has taken that issue away. I am thrilled that now I can wipe and not be in pain."

— Stacie Limongelli