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Bodifresh - On The Go

  1. On-the-Go Bottle: Stay fresh and confident, no matter where your adventures take you, with our portable On-the-Go Bottle. This compact, easy-to-use spray bottle delivers the same cleansing and soothing foam as our Automatic Dispenser, perfect for public restrooms, travel, or any time you're away from home. Its discreet design fits comfortably in your bag or pocket, allowing you to maintain your hygiene routine on the go.

What Other's Are Saying

A word from our most loyal customers

A Game-Changer for the Home and the Environment"

"Switching to Bodifresh Toilet Paper Foam has totally transformed my bathroom routine and the peace of mind it brings, knowing I'm not risking my home's plumbing or harming the environment, is simply invaluable. "

— Stacie L.

This product is a MUST for every household

"I have been using Bodifresh for a few months now and my entire family enjoys using it. This product is a MUST for every household, especially families with children. I will definitely recommend this product"

— Chris V

A user-friendly, affordable product that really works!

"This is the perfect solution to the "flushable" wipes problem. An easy, environmentally friendly and "refreshing" way to clean one's bum. The foam is also superior to spray liquids, which can make toilet paper too weak to "do the job." I highly recommend it for those who care about their personal hygiene."

— Laura Andrews